Slow My Age

My lifelong passions for health, longevity, and entrepreneurship have coalesced in the formation of NOVOS Labs. Slow My Age is a personal account of my journey to reverse my biological age and extend my health span and lifespan.

NOVOS Founder, Chris Mirabile

Aging is a disease.

I was cured of a brain tumor at 16, then spent 14 years of my adult life focused on maintaining great health and avoiding disease. It wasn’t until I was 30 that I came across the scientific concept of aging being a disease that could be addressed by focusing on the mechanisms, or causes, of aging.

With this new outlook, I began looking at all health advice through the lens of those mechanisms and asking myself, “Is this good for me today as well as in the long term? Unfortunately, the answer was too often, “No.”

Now, eight years later, that perspective has proved to be life-changing, resulting in a biological age that is “off the charts,” according to the scientific laboratories that specialize in human aging.

Slow My Age is devoted to sharing my experiences, in the hope of extending others’ healthy lifespans and reducing the suffering that people face from being victims of chronic illness or loving someone who is.

This website is dedicated to my mother, who I should have never lost to pancreatic cancer.

The Inputs.

From interventions and self-experimentation…

Posts on Slow My Age dig into my lifestyle and self-experiments, including diet, supplements, prescriptions, exercise, sleep, lifestyle hacks, and more — all driven by science and validated by my n=1 data. They’re intended to give you insights into what may also work for you.

Chris with Dr. David Sinclair at his Harvard Medical School lab
The Outputs.

…to scientific, biological test results

The n=1 data comes in the form of genetic analysis, epigenetic tests, and dozens of biometrics, including biological age clocks, blood labs, VO2 max, Pulse Wave Velocity, visceral fat, sonograms, CBGs, physical performance, HRV, and more — not to mention, subjective feelings of well-being, quality of life, and so on. This data helps us determine what’s actually working.

Let’s All Slow & Reverse Our Aging!

Address your healthy lifespan & chronic illness
by proactively targeting the biological mechanisms of aging