Commitment to Physical Fitness & Challenging My Limits

As mentioned in other posts, my interest in health started when I was 12 and only deepened after being forced to confront a brain tumor when I was 16.

22 years later, my commitment hasn’t waned. Over that timespan, I made a point to challenge myself with physical goals, while being mindful of my overall health and recovery.

Since enough people have asked to see, I’ve created this post to highlight the few that I caught on camera.

My 20s

315 pound bench press for reps while weighing approximately 176 pounds.

My 30’s

Three reps of 180 pound weighted dips while weighing approximately 170 pounds (350 pounds combined weight).

180 lbs deadlift x3 (205% bodyweight)

49 pull-ups in 55 seconds in one continuous set.

49 pull-ups in <60 seconds

As I was working my way towards achieving a 300% bodyweight deadlift, this was my first successful attempt at reaching the “500 club.”

500 lbs deadlift while 175 lbs

Only a few weeks after achieving a 500 pound one rep deadlift max (previous video), I achieve my goal of 300% body weight deadlift when I hit 525 pounds for this lift. (1×45 pound bar, 10×45 pound plates, 2×10 pound weights, 2×5 pound weights). Being mindful of longevity, I no longer do lifts at this weight.

3x bodyweight deadlift – 525 lbs – while 175 lbs

One of a series of 4×400 meter HIIT runs (1/4 mile) at 15.5 mph.

15.5 mph 1/4 mile

Doing dips, then upside down pull-ups on gymnastics rings in Miami’s South Beach.

Gymnastics rings in South Beach